Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Memories

Found Some More Foncie's Fotos!

Last Monday's blog contained a whole whack of photos taken by the famous Mr. Foncie.  When I posted them I hadn't realized that we had a few more.  So to round out the collection, pictures by Foncies Fotos!

The first is a series of my darling mother-in-law.  If you'll recall from my former blog, I said that often families didn't have a camera.  I think this may have been the case in the early '50s and '60s for my in-laws.  These pictures were returned to us from Germany after my beloved's dear Opa passed away.  Otherwise, we would never have even seen them.

Foncies must have been in Regina, Saskatchewan too as these first 3 pictures were taken there.  Foncie's brother?  More likely a francise.

ID: 23578, April 1955
Caption reads:  12th Avenue, Regina

ID: 34108, May 1955

ID: 83108, August 1955
This picture may have been taken in Vancouver

ID: 23921A, 20 June 1971
I love this picture of my Mother-In-Law, so hip and happening in the 70s!

The last two are of my beloved, taken in the early 60s.  There is one more, when he's walking the streets of Vancouver with another girl, water under the bridge, Allyson, water!  For obvious reasons, I'm not including it here.

ID: 90230C not dated, but I may have been dating him!

ID: 39292S, not dated but the caption says:
To My Dearest from Dick
(that's me!)


April said...

I just love looking at old photos of yesteryear. Oma looks so beautiful (still is) and Dad...what a looker (still is).I wish Foncies was still around to capture life. I guess that's why everyone carries around a digital camera. Keep the old photos coming please! xoxo

Allyson said...

Digital cameras are wonderful, but there was just something about being captured unaware as you were walking down the street.
I agree, Oma, still is beautiful and Dad a looker, still is!

Anonymous said...

Love Oma walking like she still does to this day.
Dad looks hip 'n happening, too... But too funny about the third photo with another girl!? Haha!