Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Memories

If you are an "old timer" like me and you wandered the streets of Vancouver, as you were were walking South on Granville Street near The Hudson's Bay Store, you'd look up, and there would be Foncies Fotos snapping your picture. 

The wonderful thing about Foncies Fotos was that these pictures were taken when quite often you might not even own a camera, never mind bring it along on a trip downtown. Not like today's digital age, you can use your cell phone or camera to record your every move. So having your picture taken was very special and exciting.  After they took your picture they'd give you a slip of paper and in a few day's time you would go to 656 Robson Street, give them your slip containing your picture ID number, and if you liked the picture, you'd give them the going rate.  I'm guessing a buck fifty to three, and take your picture home.  Monday Memories are made of this.

Foncies Fotos is a Vancouver legend.  Over the years millions of pictures were taken.  They have had art shows on his pictures. There are websites. I think even a book of pictures.  Well, none of the pictures below made it into the art show or book or the websites, but they are our family treasures.  Here for your viewing pleasure are the pictures that were taken of my beloved's parents, my parents and of Dick and I.

My Mom and Dad, circa, 1949,
Look how glamorous my mom is, not to mention my oh so handsome Dad!

I LOVE these pictures of my beloved's parents.
Note how they posed.  Such a strikingly good looking couple. 
September 1970                                          3rd Advent (Dec.) 1969
ID: 2904A                                                     ID:439640  

Our First Foncies photo taken on Granville Street on one of our early dates.  I was probably only just 15 (1962).  My mom and dad went to California only to return home to find me dating my beloved.  My Mom brought me back this awesome turquoise coat which I just loved!  ID:  42398F
Then Foncie moved out to the PNE!  I thought I looked so adult in my new school outfit.  Taken in 1963. Still wearing the same shoes I see.  Flats, as we are both the same height! ID:  58682N

Strolling at the PNE with my sister Madeleine and her partner.  My beloved loves my hair in this one.  Could I look any younger?  Circa, 1964.  ID:  10234B
Foncies, the mature years, UBC days for Dick, and married.  Taken in 1969 at the PNE.  ID:  26909G

And the last Foncies Foto we had taken.  Expecting Cathy, August 1971.  ID:  26909G

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Catie=2, Papa=0, or Backyard FIFA

Over the past several days Papa and I have had the pleasure of a little girl named Catie for company. 

Now Catie's Papa loves watching World Cup Soccer so it wasn't a surprise that the TV was on during one of these visits while we were eating lunch. 

Catie really didn't show too much interest until whichever team was playing, scored a goal.  That piqued her interest enough to suggest to Papa that she'd like to play soccer too.  So out came the ball and out went Papa and Catie.  I'm here to tell you she really got into it.  It was so much fun to watch her trying to get the ball from Papa.  Papa smiling.  Catie scrambling to go for the ball and getting it.  Here are a few pictures from that recent backyard game!  The kid's a natural.

She's really into it as you can see.

Papa taught Catie how to kick the ball backwards-lesson learned!

Go Catie, Go Catie

Determination that's the name of the game!

Check out her form.  
Both feet are up off the ground!

Sign her up for Soccer School Mom and Dad.  I see a scholarship in Catie's future!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two Dads, Two Sisters and Two Brothers-In-Law

Our daughter April and handsome husband Nick graciously hosted a Father's Day BBQ for their two Dads on Sunday.  When sister Amy heard about it, she asked if they could drop by to see us too, and long story short, a lovely afternoon was had by all.  Here are a few pictures from our beautiful afternoon.

Trouble x 3

Sweet "K" and Abby.  Abby simpley adores her cousin!

This picture is courtesy of Colby's Mom Amy.
Sister, Brother -- Brother, Sister

I love this picture because Hudson on the left and Colby on the right are both looking at me!
Sweet or what??

Back at home, Papa opens his gift from Colby!  Love the caption.

It was a wonderful afternoon.  I managed to put two little guys to sleep on my shoulder.  Giggle with Abby.  Chat with "K".  Admire April and Nick's newly renovated kitchen.  See two of my sweet daughters. two of my sons be the most awesome men to their children! 

The only the thing that would have made the afternoon even better would be if Cathy and Cliff and their six children were there too. You can't have everything.  I know they were having a great celebration in their new home along with Cliff's mom, aka, Nonna!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Memories

I just love this picture of my sister Madeleine!  My mom called her Lynnie.  She was about four or five when it was taken.  I can't remember when it was taken but I know it was when we lived on Hawks Avenue near Union, in Vancouver.  She is three years older than I am, so that would have put me at approximately the year and a half to two year mark when this pretty little ballerina posed for the camera. 

I always loved looking through the piles of pictures in  a box of photos that Mom and Dad kept and this one always stood out.  When I was little, I was so jealous that my sister had this neat ballet dress and a flower wreath in her hair and ballet slippers.  I'm guessing the dress was pink.  The perfect package she was and is.
Today when I look at it, it makes me smile.  Smile for the sweet little girl she once was.  Smile, because I can see her son Bryan and her Grandson Jacob in that dear little face.  Smile because grown up Madeleine knew how much I loved this picture of her and she kindly made me a copy which I keep on a stand right by my computer!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Why Motor Mouth Mom?

Murrayville Mom's Mom is no more.

If you read one of my last postings then you know the E8s have moved. Cathy will probably be coming up with a replacement for Murrayville Mom, and if she isn't Murrayville Mom how, I ask you, could I be Murrayville Mom's Mom?

So why Motor Mouth Mom? The simple answer is: Our three very cheeky daughters!

For reasons that I am not even too sure of myself, our daughter Amy started referring to my beloved and I as, Motor for Mom, and Diesel for Dad. No doubt it had something to do with her training as a 9-1-1 dispatcher, and using the Phonetic Alphabet. Not that D=Diesel nor M=Motor, are part of the Phonetic Alphabet. More likely it was her fun loving way of speaking code to her sisters so we wouldn't catch on. I remember when she was very small, about 5ish, she made up a language that delighted her sisters Cathy and April very much. The only word I can still recall is "oinchkin-aboinchkin"-don't ask me what it means, but it is oh so Amy.

Only in the past 3 years or so ago did we learn that we had been nicknamed. As a joke my beloved and I decided to have t-shirts made up and even went so far as taking them, the t's, not the kids, on our cruise which amused our children greatly. I also took to signing e-mails Motor and Diesel because we loved that we had been given nicknames. So thank you Amy, April and Cathy for the inspiration.

Long story short: M is for Mom is for Motor is for Motor Mouth Mom and a blog title is born!