Thursday, July 15, 2010

Can I Have This Dance?

Today my beloved and I celebrate 43 years of "wedded bliss". 

I'm not sure where those years went, funny, I don't feel that much older, but there you have it!  I am fortunate, I have a man who loves me, who humours me when I need it (and it seems like I need that more often than I care to admit!).  He makes me laugh uncontrollably at times, but laugh everyday we do.  Now that we are both retired, he makes me lunch and when I make it for him, he is grateful and thanks me.  I love his lunches, they always have tomatoes and lettuce and something else. We walk together, we squawk together, we are together for better or worse, and richer or poorer. I'd take those vows again in a heartbeat!

I think in life, sometimes you get lucky, very lucky.  I count myself as very lucky!

Happy 43rd my dear man, I love you very, very much!

Can I have this dance for the rest of my life?


Anonymous said...

happy, happy, happy (belated) anniversary to a very special couple... a couple very dear to my heart. hope you had a wonderful day celebrating your special day and wishing you many, many, many more years of wedded bliss! with lots of love always, andrea xo

April said...

How I enjoyed looking at your 43 year old wedding photos tonight. My favorite is the one with the word 'luck' (in crepe paper!) with you eating the wedding cake out of Dad's hand. And the wedding topper duly noted! I like how your wedding was so simple...I think people these days have a lot to learn. :-) Thanks for sharing your day, Motor. Love to you and Dad. xoxo