Friday, June 11, 2010

Why Motor Mouth Mom?

Murrayville Mom's Mom is no more.

If you read one of my last postings then you know the E8s have moved. Cathy will probably be coming up with a replacement for Murrayville Mom, and if she isn't Murrayville Mom how, I ask you, could I be Murrayville Mom's Mom?

So why Motor Mouth Mom? The simple answer is: Our three very cheeky daughters!

For reasons that I am not even too sure of myself, our daughter Amy started referring to my beloved and I as, Motor for Mom, and Diesel for Dad. No doubt it had something to do with her training as a 9-1-1 dispatcher, and using the Phonetic Alphabet. Not that D=Diesel nor M=Motor, are part of the Phonetic Alphabet. More likely it was her fun loving way of speaking code to her sisters so we wouldn't catch on. I remember when she was very small, about 5ish, she made up a language that delighted her sisters Cathy and April very much. The only word I can still recall is "oinchkin-aboinchkin"-don't ask me what it means, but it is oh so Amy.

Only in the past 3 years or so ago did we learn that we had been nicknamed. As a joke my beloved and I decided to have t-shirts made up and even went so far as taking them, the t's, not the kids, on our cruise which amused our children greatly. I also took to signing e-mails Motor and Diesel because we loved that we had been given nicknames. So thank you Amy, April and Cathy for the inspiration.

Long story short: M is for Mom is for Motor is for Motor Mouth Mom and a blog title is born!

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