Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Memories

I just love this picture of my sister Madeleine!  My mom called her Lynnie.  She was about four or five when it was taken.  I can't remember when it was taken but I know it was when we lived on Hawks Avenue near Union, in Vancouver.  She is three years older than I am, so that would have put me at approximately the year and a half to two year mark when this pretty little ballerina posed for the camera. 

I always loved looking through the piles of pictures in  a box of photos that Mom and Dad kept and this one always stood out.  When I was little, I was so jealous that my sister had this neat ballet dress and a flower wreath in her hair and ballet slippers.  I'm guessing the dress was pink.  The perfect package she was and is.
Today when I look at it, it makes me smile.  Smile for the sweet little girl she once was.  Smile, because I can see her son Bryan and her Grandson Jacob in that dear little face.  Smile because grown up Madeleine knew how much I loved this picture of her and she kindly made me a copy which I keep on a stand right by my computer!

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