Thursday, June 24, 2010

Catie=2, Papa=0, or Backyard FIFA

Over the past several days Papa and I have had the pleasure of a little girl named Catie for company. 

Now Catie's Papa loves watching World Cup Soccer so it wasn't a surprise that the TV was on during one of these visits while we were eating lunch. 

Catie really didn't show too much interest until whichever team was playing, scored a goal.  That piqued her interest enough to suggest to Papa that she'd like to play soccer too.  So out came the ball and out went Papa and Catie.  I'm here to tell you she really got into it.  It was so much fun to watch her trying to get the ball from Papa.  Papa smiling.  Catie scrambling to go for the ball and getting it.  Here are a few pictures from that recent backyard game!  The kid's a natural.

She's really into it as you can see.

Papa taught Catie how to kick the ball backwards-lesson learned!

Go Catie, Go Catie

Determination that's the name of the game!

Check out her form.  
Both feet are up off the ground!

Sign her up for Soccer School Mom and Dad.  I see a scholarship in Catie's future!


Anonymous said...

Cathy put her in soccer Mom and Dad are so right! Love it!

Allyson said...

Hasn't she got the right form there Nick! She's a natural.