Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Memories

If you are an "old timer" like me and you wandered the streets of Vancouver, as you were were walking South on Granville Street near The Hudson's Bay Store, you'd look up, and there would be Foncies Fotos snapping your picture. 

The wonderful thing about Foncies Fotos was that these pictures were taken when quite often you might not even own a camera, never mind bring it along on a trip downtown. Not like today's digital age, you can use your cell phone or camera to record your every move. So having your picture taken was very special and exciting.  After they took your picture they'd give you a slip of paper and in a few day's time you would go to 656 Robson Street, give them your slip containing your picture ID number, and if you liked the picture, you'd give them the going rate.  I'm guessing a buck fifty to three, and take your picture home.  Monday Memories are made of this.

Foncies Fotos is a Vancouver legend.  Over the years millions of pictures were taken.  They have had art shows on his pictures. There are websites. I think even a book of pictures.  Well, none of the pictures below made it into the art show or book or the websites, but they are our family treasures.  Here for your viewing pleasure are the pictures that were taken of my beloved's parents, my parents and of Dick and I.

My Mom and Dad, circa, 1949,
Look how glamorous my mom is, not to mention my oh so handsome Dad!

I LOVE these pictures of my beloved's parents.
Note how they posed.  Such a strikingly good looking couple. 
September 1970                                          3rd Advent (Dec.) 1969
ID: 2904A                                                     ID:439640  

Our First Foncies photo taken on Granville Street on one of our early dates.  I was probably only just 15 (1962).  My mom and dad went to California only to return home to find me dating my beloved.  My Mom brought me back this awesome turquoise coat which I just loved!  ID:  42398F
Then Foncie moved out to the PNE!  I thought I looked so adult in my new school outfit.  Taken in 1963. Still wearing the same shoes I see.  Flats, as we are both the same height! ID:  58682N

Strolling at the PNE with my sister Madeleine and her partner.  My beloved loves my hair in this one.  Could I look any younger?  Circa, 1964.  ID:  10234B
Foncies, the mature years, UBC days for Dick, and married.  Taken in 1969 at the PNE.  ID:  26909G

And the last Foncies Foto we had taken.  Expecting Cathy, August 1971.  ID:  26909G


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Allyson said...

It worked, Eureka

Anonymous said...

Awesome, awesome photos A.A. What a wonderful and nostalgic post! Sadly, life isn't like that anymore, is it?
Andrea xo

Allyson said...

Thanks Andrea (and April)!
No, it was a different world back then Andrea. Hard to imagine life now without having my digial camera or telephone either for that matter not on me to record somthing or other!
Hugs, A.A.

Anonymous said...

So cool! I love the fancy Foncie Fotos! So stylin' and fun.

Allyson said...

Where did those good times go!!! Futhermore, where did that young couple aka, your parents go Amy???