Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Memories

This afternoon my beloved and I drove back to the place where we began our family, Richmond.   We moved to Richmond in July '71 just before Cathy was born. 

Being back there feels so foreign to me now.  In five  short years the place has changed and in the intervening time, it is no longer home, but it holds so many memories, the best being our three daughters were born there, grew up there and moved away from home to begin their wonderful, full lives.  Today's blog is about these sisters three.

It all started with Cathy, pictured here.  She was only 9 days old.

Then, April!  Although Cathy could walk, she wanted to play in her walker, just like her baby sis.

And, exactly three years to the day of Cathy's birth, along came Amy!  This is my all-time favourite family portrait taken outside of our condo.  Note the our little green VW behind us.  However did we all fit into that little beetle-bug?

Three little bathing beauties, Manoah Village Days

Our three little beauties standing under Aunty Marilyn and Uncle Shiro's newly planted tree.  I was so proud of them and the outfits they were wearing, I actually sewed them!

Yes, that is the sunshine.  The kids were dressed up for a Sunseeker's community programme day of fun. For better or worse, I sewed these costumes too.

Valentine's Day on Rosamond Avenue.  Just love the looks on all three of their faces!  I would love, love, love, to take a picture of them today looking just like this!

The three little girls along with most of their dolls, went to visit Granny and Papa on the Fraser Highway in Langley.

Springtime-Rosamondian Daze--note the poser in the middle, surrounded by Hubbabubba bubblegum blowers!

Two future cheerleaders, April on top and Cathy on the right!

Enough said!

This one cracks me up, because our neighbour Gary Coey popped himself into the picture too!  I know when the girls see this picture again they will be laughing too.

That car was a boat on wheels, and yes that's the VW in the background too. 

A little known Motor Mouth Fact:  I didn't learn to drive until I was 30, before that I was chauffered around by friends and of course by my beloved.

After I learned to drive and got my license I had nothing to drive, so my beloved found this big beauty for me to cruise around in, a '65 Impala.  Only trouble was, it was so much bigger than the compact car I learned to drive on.  It was a wild ride for the first little while but I managed, and I really loved this car.  My first set of wheels. 

Black Bear, Black Bear,what do you see?  I see three beauties laughing at me!

This picture was taken on a fairly disasterous family holiday to Peter Hope Lake. I loved it there, but the girls along with their Dad not so much.  This may have been the only time we saw smiles on the whole trip!

This is, I think, the most recent picture I have of our three beauties together, taken at Aunty Marilyn and Uncle Shiro's annual BBQ.  (I know, I know, you've seen it before), but I don't care!  Look at those faces!

These three daughters of ours have brought my beloved and I so much to our lives.  Looking back at the pictures I know I would go back in a heartbeat if I could and do it all over again.  We have been well and truly blessed.

Monday Memories are made of this!


The Hoegler Family said...

When I saw that picture of April in her walker I suddenly saw some Hudson there too. And I thought he was all Nick, but no...there is some mommy there too :o)

And the one where they make faces in front of the car I "see" Carly sitting in the front. :o)

Cool pictures!
Love, Hege

Allyson said...

April in the walker Hege, you are so right, I see Hudson too!

And Carly in Amy as well.
Thanks for the lovely comments Hege.