Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Backyard Randoms

After our four mile walk this morning I remembered that there was a lone apple blossom blooming on our tree, so I took the camera out to snap it. 

After this hot spell our yard is looking pretty careworn.  I managed to shoot off a few pictures of interest in spite of it.  Hope you like them.

 No little blossom you will never become a red apple.

Our Granddaughter Abby has this awesome Alphabet book and each time I see apples on a tree I think of it..."A Was Once An Apple Pie".  We came close to losing the tree this year, so many leaves dropped off with the end result that the branches are very barren and the majority of the apples just drop to the ground.

Even if this apple was sitting on a bed of four leaf clovers it wouldn't do this apple any good!  This has been the sad story of our apple tree this year.  Not even sure we will be able to bake an Apple Pie Abby!

When Cathy and Cliff and Silvana and family moved, I was given this plant. I was so sure it was going to be a Black Eyed Susan, but surprise, surprise, Euchanasia instead! (Don't know if I spelled that name right!) Only two flowers this year, can't wait to see how much this one will multiply in the years to come!

Despite the hot weather, or maybe, for all I know, in spite of it, this is the very first year I have had second blooms on my clematis.  The flowers are quite a bit smaller, but still every bit as lovely!  I liked the view from the back looking through to our yard.

This is my all-time favourite picture from the ones I took today.  The left behind "pod" of the first blooming clematis.  I love this picture so much it is now the wallpaper on my computer.  If you like it, you too may use it.  Feel free.    So organic and sculptural.

We have been waiting to sample these tastey little morsals. Tomorrow my beloved and I will pick them!

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Anonymous said...

I like the view to your backgarden too Allyson.
A nice surprise to see an outside part of your house.