Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Memories

Writing this blog today on a holiday Monday, BC Day to be precise, brings to mind a lot of memories of Summers and Picnics.  Family picnics, picnics with company's, picnics with friends, small and impromptu and planned with games for kids and adults alike.  Here are some from my memory lane.

A little known Motor Mouth Fact:  Almost each and every Labour Day weekend my beloved and I watch the movie, Picnic with Kim Novak (way too old as a teenager) and William Holden (also, way too old be be cast as a teen/college kid!!)  I just love the footage of old picnics.  Neewollah....Halloween backwards.  You'll have to watch the movie!

Pure schmaltz!

Gyro Beach in Kelowna.  My Grandparents were visiting from Winnipeg.  The little girl beside my Grandfather is Judy and the little girl in the middle between my sister and brother is Kathy Swordy, my very first girlfirend.  When you go to this beach today you go via Swordy Road.  See the house in the background?  Kathy's Uncle lived there and I believe he took care of the park and beach for years and years.  When he died they named the entry road to the park after him.  This park is still unbelievably popular today!  As children we were so lucky to "grow up" in Kelowna with a population of under 8,000 people. Small town, fresh fruit off the tree and the beautiful lake. It was a great life for we kids.  Jump in the lake, play there until lunch time, head home and get back out there until dinner.  No worries about the ozone layer.  Just, wait one hour after you've eaten before heading into the water again, that was the rule of the day!

Oh yes, the old egg and spoon race!  My Mother-in-law is just behind the lady in the dark dress!  Picnics were much more classy in those days.  Can you imagine wearing a dress to a picnic now?  I sure can't!

A foot race for the men between the ages of 25 and 40.  The man with the "x" over his head the back of the picture says, was my father-in-law's "boss".  Again, look at how the men are dressed, I almost expect to see ties on them!  Both of these pictures were taken at a McMillan Bloedel company picnic, July 1956.  It says, Memorial Park, but it looks like our famous Stanley Park.

Then one cousin Geraldine and my sister-in-law suggested, that we should have a family picnic.  Picnics are almost impossible to plan ahead because of the inclement weather.  I don't know how many were planned and then cancelled, but eventually the Hume Park location became an annual event!

The pictures in the group may have been from the very first one when our daughter Amy was just a baby.  Summer of '75

I thought I was doing well keeping Amy in the shade under the huge trees, so you can imagine my utter dismay to see that she was actually burned on her face.  I shudder thinking about it.  Here she is attacking her Papa (my dad!).
Our sweet Cathy on her Papa's knee.

Our sweet April.  Check out our yellow umbroller stroller by my dad and Uncle Bob!

I love this picture of our April Sunshine wearing her Granny's hat!  Now April's daughter Abby wears the hats in the family.

This is a picture of Cathy, taken at a family supper down at Locarno Beach in Vancouver.  We would often pack up the two little girls (pre-Amy's arrival), throw supper in a box and head to the beach for dinner.  While Cathy and her daddy played in the water, I would lean against one of the huge trees like the one behind Cathy, and nurse April.  Summer of '73

Random photos from Hume Park Days.  The children grew, we grew,  the families grew!

My cousin Geraldine, one of the movers and shakers to get us together, with her nephew and nieces.  If you look closely, you will see our (green) VW in the background.  My Aunty Emily (Geraldine's mom), my Mother-in-law, and Geraldine's twin brother, Gerald are standing watching.  Amy is back there too with her back to us and I am holding Cathy on my lap.

Amy takes up the front, followed by April and Cathy and cousin Amber

The Three-Legged Races!  Cathy in yellow.  Amy and her cousin Bobby.  I love the looks on their faces!

April in the foreground and Cathy waving, with their second cousins

Holly and Cathy with her hair flowing, running the race

My handsome cousin Gary talking to my beloved.  Check me out in pink shorts and shirt!

The Gunny Sack Race!

Our friend John B. his two children and perhaps a friend for Brad, the only boy in the group.  Taken out at Golden Ears Park one summer day.

Look how blond they all were!  The sweetie on the right is Andrea B.  These two pictures were probably taken in '76, at Golden Ears Provincial Park picnic ground. 

Years and years went by and for so many reasons, family picnics became just a sweet memory.  There were always threats of organizing one but nothing happened, so Cathy and I decided it was time to take matters into our own hands and try again.  What a success it was.  All of the kids had grown and were bringing children of their own, or were dreaming of having children of their own.  We met at a "Sequoia Park in Surrey, in 2003 and 2004. And while they were a huge success, the honest truth is neither Cathy nor I, really felt like organizing everyone, so we decided to confine it to just our immediate family, and even that was hard enough to organize! 

Amy with Tyler, Cameron and Claire.  Everyone was lounging on the hillside to watch the race organizer-me try to recreate memories of games gone by!
April and her Dad winning the Wheel Barrel Race.  Check out the action in the background!  They were falling like flies!

Cousins trying to figure out the best way to win the "Ski Race".  Frankly, I don't think anyone figured it out, but it was fun trying. Left, Right, Left, Right!

The Water Balloon toss!  Now everyone take a step back! splat!
And another year, the family photo ops!

And from last  August, a family picnic at a Langley Park.  The whole glorious fam-damily!, that is until Hudson and Colby came along!

Ah, Monday Memories are made of this!


Anonymous said...

Those family picnics were loads of fun! The 4 G's missed a few of those being that we were out of town a lot. :-(
Get ready for more good times family! Cathy and I are quite excited and are in the "works" of trying to plan a LARGE family picnic for 2011! *My dad can't wait to get those "ski's" back into use! They're gathering dust just sitting there under the deck...* LOL. We'll keep you posted! Looking forward to making more family memories! Andrea xo

Anonymous said...

Another enjoyable post Mom! Just awesome. Thank you for the memories.
Oh, and I LOVE your pink Adidas shorts way back when. :-)
That picture (where I look 500 pounds) with Tyler, Cameron and Claire is the first time you and Dad met Tyler, I believe. Wow, he was brave to agree to come to such an event!
xo Amy

Allyson said...

Andrea, I have a bag of tricks for the next one. Yippee, plan away girls!! You know as I was looking through pictures it struck me that you girls weren't in any that I have. I suspect I only had pictures where our girls were photographed and your mom and dad probably have the sets with you two were in them. I even told U.D. that I couldn't find any with you in them. There is one I have in mind, and I know you both were there but COULDN'T FIND IT!!!!, grrrrr

Amy-Girl, now that you mention it, you are right, well, half right. I met Tyler before your Dad did. He was brave indeed to meet us all. So glad we didn't scare him off!!!! And, you didn't look like 500 pounds, methinks you exaggerate silly! Glad you liked my cool shorter than short, shorts! :-)